Hello! I’m Sarah.

I’m a writer, editor and proof-reader based in Hampshire, UK. I like translating big ideas into plain English and working with companies who really care about their customers.

If you have a website, magazine or newsletter, I can help you write for your audience and get your message across. You can find out more about what I do here.

About Write for Real People

Write for Real People is a blog to help you gain confidence as a writer.

You might not think of yourself as a writer.

Perhaps you’re a landlord who sometimes writes formal letters to their tenants. Maybe you’re a personal trainer who blogs about fitness trends. You might be a retired postman who posts on Facebook about the next Over 60s Table Tennis session at the Village Hall.

If you’re writing anything for the general public, I think that means you’re a writer. And that means Write for Real People is for you.

With simple tips and examples, I hope this blog will show you how to write clearly and powerfully for real people, and get your message heard.

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